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Girard System Extreme Tour

A Hard Core Tour for the True Thrill Seeker!

Quick Details

Guest Ages 18+

Experience extreme in this unique mine tour in Tombstone, Arizona!

Tour Information

Down to 400 feet. A 5-7 Hour ordeal for the true thrill seeker. Go deep as you can go, over 400 feet below the surface of the spectacular and well-preserved workings of the Tombstone Mining District. Huge open spaces (stopes), tunnels with tracks still in place. You will do a lot of crawling, plenty of climbing on rocks and ladders. Come prepared! This is hard core spelunking, and you MUST be in excellent shape for this one. Join the elite group of people who have accomplished this expedition.

The Goodenough Mine was Tombstone’s major silver producer. The claim was filed in 1878, production began in 1879. Take the tour and learn how the miners worked, see what silver ore looks like, and experience what it’s like to go underground in a perfectly preserved underground historic hard rock mine. Well informed guides lead you through the old workings. A fun and educational experience!

What you need to Bring:

    • Backpack
    • Food and water
    • Flashlight with extra batteries
    • Good hiking boots or tennis shoes

Provided for you:

    • Gloves
    • Knee pads
    • Helmet with light