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Toughnut Mine Adventure Tour

An Adrenaline-Packed Adventure in the Mines

Quick Details

Guest Ages 12+

Adrenaline-packed mine tour in Tombstone, Arizona!

Tour Information

Not so easy. (Tripping hazards, ladders) A 2-3 hour, half mile hike underground. See some of the most beautiful areas of the Tombstone Mining district. Spectacular minerals, huge open areas that once contained massive silver deposits, fascinating historic artifacts. Walk through tunnels, climb ladders, crawl through small passages if you want. Fairly strenuous, you MUST be in reasonable shape for this underground adventure.

The Goodenough Mine was Tombstone’s major silver producer. The claim was filed in 1878, production began in 1879. Take the tour and learn how the miners worked, see what silver ore looks like, and experience what it’s like to go underground in a perfectly preserved underground historic hard rock mine. Well informed guides lead you through the old workings. Truly a fun, education, and unique experience!